National Action Event 2018

NAE (National Action Event) is an AMSA-Indonesia annual event which consists of Academic Evaluation for PCC (Pre-Conference Competition) winners, NRPC (National Research Proposal Competition) top three presentation, Debate Competition, and Social Action (also the opening of Event of The Year AMSA-Indonesia). This year, NAE is hosted by AMSA-Universitas Hasanuddin in Makassar with theme: “TRIAGE: Trigger Your Action In Emergency Condition” on Friday until Sunday, November 16th – 18th 2018. This event is attended by more than 200 medical students around Indonesia.

AMSA-Brawijaya sent 14 delegates to this event, consisted of 2 general delegates, 3 debater delegates, 5 academic delegates, 1 Representative, 1 AMSEP officer seat, and 2 EB of AMSA-Indonesia. The delegates arrived safely on Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport on Friday. However, delegates are divided into four separated flights due to differences in academic schedule. The first flight group which consist of batch-2017 delegates were driven to Faculty of Medicine Universitas Hasanuddin to attend Academic Evaluation (AE). AE is a platform where PCC winners can get evaluation from experts regarding their work before submitting it to the upcoming conference. There are two groups of PCC winners from AMSA-Brawijaya which come to AE: (1) Agnes Debora, Ave Maria, Shantidewi, Desak Gede Yuliana as 2nd winner of public poster category, and (2) Emanuel Hananto, Andreas Dexter, Bernadus Bernadino, Andra Danika as 1st winner of public poster category. They are very grateful to receive suggestion and critics regarding their works and they hope they can revise their work and make it better.

Welcoming Party of NAE 2018

After AE, delegates attended welcoming party that held in Auditorium Rumah Sakit Universitas Hasanuddin. The event was opened by singing Indonesia Raya and AMSA-Song and welcome speech from Vice Dean of FK Unhas, NAE 2017 Project Officer, Representative of AMSA-Unhas, and Regional Chairperson of AMSA-Indonesia. Also, there were welcome dance that performed by AMSA-Unhas, games which were involving random delegates in the room, music performance also from AMSA-Unhas, and AMSEP presentations. Delegates were happy for making new friends and sharing unforgettable memories together. At the night and the following two days, the delegates stayed in Maxone Hotel.

Debate competition in NAE 2018

On the second day, the debater delegates went to debate competition, while the others went to National Research Proposal Competition (NRPC) presentation and Social Action Event. In the first pre-eliminary round of Debate Competition, our team lost to Undip A team. In second pre-eliminary round, our team won over UHO team. In the third pre-eliminary round, our team lost to UHT team. Our debate team had done their best to win the debate. Unfortunately, it was not our opportunity to make it into the quarter final and so on. However, our debate team learned many things about public speaking and critical thinking skill, which are important to future.  

Social Action in Gedung Mulo, Makassar

Meanwhile, the general and academic delegates attended NRPC presentation presented by the top 3 chosen proposal from AMSA-UI and AMSA-UKI. After the presentation, bidding session was held by all the Representatives to choose which research proposal would be implemented as R-project by all AMSA-university. Next, for the Social Action, the delegates were separated into 10 groups and each group went to separated room to attend lectures given by Unhas lecturers. The 10 groups were given each different medical emergency topics and how to manage them. After given the lecture, delegates were transferred to Gedung Mulo to do the Social Action. First of all, delegates had to do Social Hour, at which each group give socialization about the topic of Hypertension and Diabetes to high school students. Then we did the NAE main Health Campaign, at which the 10 groups were allocated in tables surround the hall, then we gave socialization about the medical emergency topic given to each group at the lecture to each high school students group that visited table by table. There was also held the official opening of EOTY (Event of The Year) AMSA-Indonesia, by Anadya Rhadika as the Regional Chairperson, with the general topic of Balanced Diet.